About Rates

Please request all services and more info here: Contact

Discounts available
Concession prices 15% off full rate (must site concession card)
Hardship packages, fee waivers available (request via contact form)
Payment plans negotiable (request via contact form)

Special offers
For 1 successful recommendation for services on this site, 10% off any service.
For 2+ successful recommendations, 25% off any service. Simply ask the new client(s) to mention you referred them!
Customers who receive ongoing services, minimum 3 services, receive a continual 15% loyalty discount
For orders totaling more than $500, automatic 25% discount on 3 future services
For liking of any social media from this site, 10% off any service (please send screenshot)
For inviting your friends to subscribe or like any social media, 15% off any service (send screenshot)

All payments via Paypal, credit/debit card or bank transfer. You’ll be emailed a quote for requested services, with an invoice and link to payment.
10% deposit required for all services totalling more than $200
All services to be paid prior to receiving service
Payment plans must be completed before service is provided
If any issues, you are welcome to ask for consideration

Refunds and cancellations
If you are unhappy with any service provided or are not able to complete a service, you receive a 50% refund. If you require 100% of your refund you can send a request for an exception, keeping in mind that once a product has been created, or a lesson tailored to your specific needs, the work has been done so it’s not possible to ‘return’ a purchase. For work that has not yet been initiated, you, of course, receive a full 100% discount.

As each service is tailored to the individual, all requests must be made through the contact form on this site. All responses are then sent to you via your email.

Please note that teaching services provided offer you accelerated learning, so specifically regarding acting services, the customer may well establish paid work with this training that easily covers the cost of lessons. Similarly for music teaching, the rate of learning provides quicker results than traditional teaching. Free info sheets are available for all subjects, and additional and extensive hand-outs for students are included as part of these services.

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