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‘Holst, Neptune, Performer/Arranger Jessica Hieser’

Acting, Voice work, writing, editing, music, composition, performance

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Music for film Uniquely tailor authentic music for your film.

Classical music Orchestral to solo excerpts, Mozart to Debussy, 20th century, any music you can think of can be arranged to your specified instruments, or re-created close to the original. See example: ‘Looking for Space’ Giles Campbell-Wright

Classical compositions Perhaps you have your own idea for what kind of music you want for your film. Music can be written for you to your set specifications.

Cover songs and originals Pop, rock, blues, jazz, most styles of covers are available. Or perhaps you have an idea of a specific song for your film? A tailored song can be written for you!

Live performance You may also require a classical performer or band to ‘act’ in your film as musicians. You can hire Jessica as an actor and musician, and as she is a music booker, she can recommend or hire either paid or volunteer actors and musicians to fill any additional musical roles. Jessica performs both classical and contemporary music across a broad range of instruments, including piano, guitar, vocals, saxophone, clarinet, flute, and synth music to act as various other instruments.

Acting and Acting coaching  Jessica can be hired as an actor, recommend actors, or provide specialised coaching for actors in productions.

Voice acting  Jessica has excellent enunciation and command of English, and can provide a range of voice options. Voice reel

Writing, review, editing for film Perhaps you have a great idea for a series, short film or feature, but need a writer, or co-writer. Jess is a prolific writer and can produce voluminous work quickly. If you would like editing, script review, or guidance on how to write yourself, this is offered as part of the services on this site. Jess has the right to reject or ignore any request for any reason, and could not offer creative support for projects that compromise her ethical philosophy.

Quotes for each service are negotiated based on the volume of work required. You may also want guidance or review of your current materials, and what may be needed to complete your script.

For humanitarian driven projects, and/or projects where Jess is also hired as a musician, composer, and/or actor, fees can be reduced or waived. Jessica Hieser must be credited if she is the writer, editor, or co-writer.

Ownership and copyright Jessica Hieser is granting the purchaser permission to use music recordings offered for specific projects, for any duration. Projects are approved by the Composer/Performer and if used for any other purposes the composer must be informed with permission sought. The purchaser does not own the track, or hold copyright to the track. The purchaser must credit Jessica Hieser as the arranger/performer/composer for all material. Jessica Hieser holds copyright and ownership of all material produced and may herself use any material for her own purposes, for any duration.

Holistic support Jessica is a qualified and accredited Reiki Master (Usui system), with extensive knowledge of meditation, visualisation and relaxation practices. She can guide production teams in meditation, and specific energy practices to support production focus, integrity and vision. In all her work, the focus is empowerment, therefore Jess can offer guidelines to cast and crew on how to run their own meditations, relaxation exercises, all in a simple format with very achievable and practical approaches. She also offers suggestions to strengthen connection between actors, and supports healthy group dynamics for all members of production.

Jessica is a Wellbeing guidance counselor of many years, and can offer sessions to reduce stress, define goals, and develop holistic strategies for self-health, particularly in regards to personal and creative wellbeing. If there is tension, or issues to be resolved within the production team, or for individual actors, Jess can act as mediator, and encourage solutions, only for non-serious, and non-legal, but otherwise bothersome, disputes, or for any challenges actors may be facing which could affect their performance.

For more information and access to free personal wellbeing and empowerment training guides, please see

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