Music videos
Be the Good Music and Words Copyright Jess Hieser, Perfomer Jess Hieser

I Kissed a Girl (Katy Perry) Jess Hieser performer, vocals and saxophone

More music and acting vids here

2 original rock songs here

Acting reels/Film

US short reel Writer and actor Jessica Hieser

Comedic reel

Looking for space (Giles Campbell-Wright) lead, V/O, music excerpts

Links to TV and web series


Bogan Bachelor as ‘Shazza’

Ep 1

Ep 2

Ep 3

Ep 4

Ep 5


At World’s End 3 as ‘Erica’   Ep 1    Ep 2  Ep 3   Ep 4  Ep 5


US extended reel

Writer and actor Jessica Hieser

V/O reel

The Missing Link (W. D. Stevens)

WIRE films

Music composition, piano and saxophone

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