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Jessica Hieser (BMus/BTeach) is an expert teacher, songwriter, musician, writer, philosopher, and actor. She teaches beginners to seasoned professionals.

Jess Hieser Music BMus/BTeach, MEAA, APRA/AMCOS

Jess Hieser rock picJess Hieser received a scholarship to the world renowned Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School (VCASS) for child prodigies at age 11. Playing Grade 7 flute at age 12, she went on to learn most instruments, and can play all instruments to some level. Following 6 years of study at VCASS she studied jazz and blues at Box Hill TAFE and attained her Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Teaching in a 5 year double degree at the University of Melbourne.

Jess has performed as a singer songwriter for 20+ years, in some iconic venues alongside iconic musicians. She founded the Songwriters Collective in 2008 which supports uniquely gifted artists, providing pathway opportunities for emerging original singer songwriters. She hosts a Songwriters Collective stage for St Kilda festival annually, the largest music festival in the Southern hemisphere, and has featured brilliant musicians including Shaun Kirk, Tash Sultana, the Ben Smith band, El Moth, and many others. Jess is a driven singer songwriter, and performs at each Songwriters Collective show, and many other festivals and venues.

Teaching Performance CV

Music reviews
“When asked to put her music into three simple words, Jess Hieser chose passionate, lyrical, and powerful. Driven to write poetry from a young age, she eventually made the leap from writing poetry to putting her poems to simple guitar chords—and the result was something unique and even esoteric. The form and patterns of her lyrics are a contrast to the formatted sounding pop lyrics we’re so used to hearing and provide for interesting rhythmic structures to her songs. Lyrics delivered from the heart make it easy for her to dig in and put every ounce of her energy into her vocal delivery. Take her song “Life”, which you can stream on her Facebook band page. It’s pretty unforgettable with its melancholy chord progression and that Bjork-esque huskiness to her voice, which builds up to an outro where she sounds like she could be singing in a windstorm, facing an imminent Armageddon. Aside from that one song, you’ll just have to come out and see her play live.”

Emergenza – The Gut-Wrenchingly Passionate Songs of Jess Hieser

Jessica Hieser Acting MEAA, Showcast, Casting Networks, IMDb pro

Using her full name for acting work, Jess has developed an impressive list of credits, including At World’s End 3, as Erica (2022), and the iconic Aussie bogan Shazza in Bogan Bachelor (2017) and many roles in between, collating impressive credits, specifically in screen acting. Her music combining with this work, she starred as the lead, and V/O, in ‘Looking for Space’ (2017), musically producing the classical excerpts for Holst and Borodin, arranging and performing all instruments.

lfs role

In the realm of theatre, she received glowing reviews for her role as Jack Manning in 2 plays by David Williamson. The role usually featuring a male, Jess was praised for her calm and empathetic performance.

Jess performed in professional acting productions with VCASS achieving high scores for Drama and Theatre studies. Productions required year long preparation, and extensive study of Stanislavsky and various acting techniques. Jess began study of screen acting at VCA in 2014 working professionally since 2016. Combining teaching with acting, she offers artist development and coaching in this field.


Jessica Hieser as Erica, in At World’s End 3

Jessica Hieser Acting CV 2022 

US reels, writer and actor Jessica Hieser

US short reel https://youtu.be/646AIQla48E

US extended reel https://youtu.be/XvXe5-pqYOM

Showreel https://youtu.be/-VQBOwJxWWA

Comedic reel https://youtu.be/sA2Djj5iRtI

Acting Reviews and Praise

“ … I can happily say you were absolutely brilliant!!!”

Charmaine Gilchrist, Gilchrist Management, regarding At World’s End 3, May, 2022

“ … Jack Manning was played with confidence by Jessica Hieser, who … presented an authoritive presence without becoming strident. As a catalyst and pivot for the narratives, Jack was an empathetic facilitator.”

Review by Cate Dowling Trask, 2 plays from the Jack Manning triology, Nov 12, 2017

“STAG (sic) presents two plays from the Jack Manning Trilogy … Special mention must be made of the outstanding performances by … Jessica Hieser for her calm, intelligent portrayal of Manning in both performances.”

Review by Cheryl Threadgold, Melbourne Observer, Nov 11, 2017

“You reminded me of Guy Pearce when I first saw him play the role. You held a strong stance with a calm demeanour. You were eloquent, but fierce.”

Gail Armstrong, STAG President, 2 plays from the Jack Manning triology, STAG theatre, Nov, 2017.

“Jessica brought an invaluable level of dedication to my project, and her willingness to go the extra mile for every scene was a testament to her committed attitude and care for the craft.”

Director, Giles Campbell-Wright, Looking for Space, Feb 19 2017

Jess Mansfield Philosopher, Author, Healer, Reiki Master/Teacher

Using the pen name Jess Mansfield in her book writing and healing work, Jess has worked with many clients providing Intuitive guidance, Reiki healing, and holistic support based on her Philosophy and experience as a fully accredited Reiki Master/Teacher. The General advice offered on this website is driven by this philosophy and teaching work.

Acting coaching

Jess has been a pivotal part of my acting journey, helping me secure my first professional agent, as well as increasing my confidence in any acting setting” Jay Korf, Actor

Music Teaching

“Jess is such a great teacher to work with. She broke the info down to a very basic level for me as I didn’t have any previous experience with a keyboard. Jess also has a deep understanding of genres and styles of music so she could quickly understand what I wanted to create and could get me there quickly. Now I have an original song to play that I’ve composed all by myself under Jess’s guidance. I couldn’t have imagined a more professional teacher or an easier and more intuitive process than this one, steered by with Jess!” Sunanda Sachatrakul, Comedian

Holistic guidance support

“My work is highly stressful, in my sessions with Jess, she has helped me develop strategies to shift my focus, with practical ways to integrate relaxation. I have found renewed energy and great benefit from her guidance. She has motivated me with my writing as well as a creative coach. I highly recommend her.” Arda, Interpreter

“I was on my way to an appointment when I ‘randomly’ ran into Jess when I was in the midst of a challenging time, I had just lost my job and was feeling at my absolute lowest. Using Intuitive guidance Jess transformed my thinking about the job situation and I walked away with a changed perspective! Jessica was able to tap into my own intuition, encouraged me to listen to my inner voice and enabled me to think clearly and see the purpose of what was going on. I changed my thinking completely and started realizing I was unhappy at the job I was previously at anyway. Using this new positive energy I put my time and effort into getting the job I really wanted. I highly recommend Jess for listening and empowering me, enabling my own clarity and helping me release new energy in moving forward. Thank you Jess!” Madeleine, Teacher

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