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Jess Hieser donates 10% of all her earnings to non-profit human rights and environmental orgs. Jess has compiled several documents that assist people to start their creative journey in an accessible way, which are offered freely via email. These documents are a culmination of years of training, experience and work, so you are welcome to donate $5 or any amount for any info sheets you feel have enriched your creative journey. Of course you are welcome to be sent them for free! Please request info sheets using the contact form. Any monies donated to this site, add to a fund that Jess utilizes for her music and film projects, with the vision to create work that advocates social well-being, and a brighter, better vision for humanity. In light of this, Jess in addition to donating 10% of her personal earnings, intends to donate 10% of all website donations to the charities listed retaining the remaining website donations to fund her creative projects, perhaps 1 day culminating in her own school of Creative Arts! All Jess’s creative work is infused with humanitarian ideals. To donate please add the amount to your quote, or use the contact form to organise an independent donation.

Non-profit organisations:

Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (Melbourne)      

Amnesty International                                       

Art2Healing (International)                             

Add charity of your choice (if I am unable to support your nominated charity it defers to one of the charities listed)

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