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Nessum Dorma

Beginners to Experts

In many years of teaching, Jess has found most students are beset with self-doubts which has limited their exploration of music, but also has little bearing on their actual ability. Once that hurdle is overcome, students are surprised at how much they can do, so please do apply even if you feel you have no ability or affinity with music, but otherwise want to learn! Jess achieved a 98% average in her teaching rounds and 1/4 year internship (Bachelor of Teaching, Bachelor of Music). Jess since age 11 has studied with world renowned teachers, and adapted her teaching style to encompass the best techniques.

->Beginner-expert: Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Voice
->Beginner-intermediate: Guitar, Piano
->Other instruments can be taught at a basic level

Music Theory
If you’ve always wanted to read and understand written music and theory, Jess is an expert trainer and you’ll be amazed how much you can learn quickly and easily!

Learn to write a song from scratch! Jess teaches piano, guitar, and vocals combined to get non-musicians in the position to be new songwriters! Also offers development for beginner-expert songwriters.

Exam preparation
Jess has sat many music exams from a young age and helps students prepare for exams holistically, not only looking at preparation and/or performance aspects, but also working on confidence and techniques to combat stress.

Performance coaching
Jess has performed 1000s of times at a range of venues since age 8, encompassing many styles including classical, contemporary, jazz, folk, rock, and blues music. She performs regularly as an actor and musician. Jess has a unique way of recognising and helping performers to harness their own talents. She teaches a range of strategies for being ‘present’ in performance, and how to enjoy performance! This includes strategies to combat stress, and channel the given state into a focused performance.

Artist development
Jess has excellent industry knowledge and guides artists in what they need to enhance their careers. This includes an overview of current materials, goals and trajectories, to create success in the industry. Of course there are no guarantees in the performance industry, but there are certainly factors that must be in place to achieve success, and give oneself the best chance to succeed. Jess guides the artist holistically, looking at the ‘whole picture’, and offers development techniques specifically tailored to the individual’s goals.

Audition preparation
Jess has auditioned for high-end institutions, and her 1st major audition at age 11 was successful granting her a full scholarship into the 2nd best music school in the world (VCASS). She has auditioned as an adult and gained entry to the University of Melbourne BMus/BTeach, and has long experience auditioning for orchestra’s and music groups, often successfully. Jess has prepared many student’s for auditions, and has herself had a student gain entry to VCASS. Jess covers all aspects of audition preparation in an holistic fashion tailored to the individual.

Testimonial                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   “Jess is such a great teacher to work with. She broke the info down to a very basic level for me as I didn’t have any previous experience with a keyboard. Jess also has a deep understanding of genres and styles of music so she could quickly understand what I wanted to create and could get me there quickly. Now I have an original song to play that I’ve composed all by myself under Jess’s guidance. I couldn’t have imagined a more professional teacher or an easier and more intuitive process than this one, steered by Jess!”                             Sunanda Sachatrakul, Comedian

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