Unique Gifts

Poetry, message writing, songs, classical and modern compositions

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                      Testimonial: Wonderful poem created by a wonderful woman. Jess was very supportive throughout the whole process and highly creative in her work. Will be commissioning future work!” Phil

Request a tailored gift for someone you want to feel super special, or receive info on how to create your own artistic gift!                           Please advise what gift you would like created, or to create yourself via the Contact form. No idea too big or small!

Alongside creative expression, Jess believes many of us also have a need for meaning in our lives, especially in our communications with others. She has written poetry, cards, and songs for people on her own creative journey, and feels there is no better gift than gifts from the heart! Although this site offers purchase of gifts that are produced and specifically tailored to the recipient, Jess encourages using either the free information on ‘The basics’ of poetry, message writing, and music, and the teaching component of this site for development, so that the gift is 100% created by you!


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