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Jessica uses her many years of training and acting experience, to support new and emerging actors to solidify their work. Jess offers a clear progression into ways to access the acting industry, and provides tools to help the actor develop their own unique ability to act with presence and depth.

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Artist development
Jessica has a unique way of guiding new actors in the industry, by utilising a holistic approach covering all aspects of their career, including assessment of current level, providing thorough information for development, tailored actor training, and overview of goals, image, and implementation strategies.

Audition preparation
Acting auditions can be tough for some actors, but auditions are an essential part of the job. Many jobs require an interview, but for an actor, there are many interviews as part of the job itself! So the role Auditions play are essential to an actor’s work and is in fact, how they attain each job, therefore viewing Auditions as part of ‘the work’ itself can help actors overcome the cycle of expectation and possibly disappointment if they don’t secure a role.

Jess offers a range of techniques to prepare for auditions including: Being comfortable in Chat to Camera; Standard Audition protocol; Camera techniques; Flexibility; successfully handling of nervousness and stress; and all aspects of scene preparation.

Career trajectory advice
Review of all materials, goals, and advice on development.

Materials review
A specific study of your current materials and advice on improvement, recommendations, and development.

For actors who employ these services, Jess at her discretion offers some clients clear advice regarding specific agencies, and/or specific agency recommendations.

“Jess has been a pivotal part of my acting journey, helping me to secure my first professional agent, as well as increasing my confidence in any acting setting” Jay Korf, Actor

“You reminded me of Guy Pearce” Gail Armstrong, STAG president, on interpretation of Jack Manning, 2017

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