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The term ‘Wellbeing’ for many may bring up images of people doing yoga, drinking herbal teas, and generally maintaining a calm and neutral state throughout the day. Sure, all these can be achieved if one desires and is able to, but there are many other practical aspects to maintaining our wellbeing which may be easy to overlook, and could be demonstrated in the negative, creating unwellness, such as suppressing our truth, acquiescing to others’ selfishness, putting our own needs last, and the hardest one for many to experience, feeling powerless to change the situation at all. It may sound silly and unrealistic for those new to these concepts, but these guides encourage empowerment which can occur from even the slightest shift in attitude, awareness and perception, the idea being genuine wellbeing encompasses all aspects of oneself. It is supportive of self-analysis as no one can understand us as well as we can understand ourselves, if we give ourselves the chance.

There are thousands of books in the world with pretty clear instructions on how to improve one’s health, but I honestly feel all this ‘good work’ (eating well, exercise, vitamins, health practices), is not the thing people have trouble with achieving in the practical sense, but instead it is all the deeper truths, unhealthy relationships, unmet needs and desires, stress, pain, anxiety, emotional reactions, self-doubt, guilt, and a general feeling of disempowerment, which prevents one from actually implementing the ‘good health practices’ consistently. So when I use the term Wellbeing I literally mean it as just that: A well being. One can eat well, exercise, and do yoga, but if one is not aware of any unhealed states and self-damaging beliefs rumbling within, one is only well in what they do, but probably don’t feel great about who they are. An holistically well person may feel great self-acceptance, and contentment, also being open to any and all changes needed to maintain wellness, actively seeking out all unhealed things so every aspect of oneself can experience healing. But anyone who needs to heal even one aspect of themselves, doesn’t usually jump straight into the ‘I am healed’ stage. In the darkness and hidden despair that stress, low self-worth, and loneliness can bring, one may not be able to see that healing is available at all. In my experience, that first crack of light comes into the darkness when one opens, even ever so slightly, to the possibility that healing can occur.

We are often persuaded in mainstream society to focus on our health and wellbeing, and yet, many of societies structures themselves are stress-inducing. Anything from balancing need for income and achieving healthy relationships; working and being a single parent; or experiencing unhealed issues from long ago which may beset a person in the present; all can bring people to acute and chronic states of stress. It is simple to say: do more yoga. But it may not be that easy, especially for busy people! I believe our happiness is ultimately measured in how we feel about ourselves. When we suppress valuable parts of ourselves, which stay unheard and unhealed, it may affect our ability to be well in other areas. Even harbouring resentments whilst still helping the very people one resents, creates disharmony and imbalance within oneself.

All the guides are practical, as oppose to ideal, in nature and do not shy away from the unhappiness and frustration that yes, even privileged folk, may experience.

These guides are by no means definitive, but they are hopefully a step in the right direction for those they do help. There is a no questions asked money back guarantee for all purchased guides, and options for small donations or reciprocation. Some guides are offered freely.

I ask all readers to please review the Essential notes to All guides before reading any guide. Also see General Advice


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These Wellbeing guides are a culmination of work I have been wanting to get out into the world for many years. It has taken time, frustration, patience, and tenacity to bring this work into a practical format which can be accessed easily. Payments are to recognise and respect my own time, effort, and care taken in preparing these guides. For these reasons I ask each reader who wishes to share this information to do so in a way which is respectful of all parties, including me, the writer.

Guidelines to sharing

  1. I ask the Essential notes especially be made available in companion with any guide shared. It is also preferable this website link is shared www.uniqueugifts.com/wellbeing
  2. I ask each reader who feels there is valid information in these guides, to share only with the same intention as I am sharing; never to judge, or enforce, or push others to ‘read these guides’ and ‘do this work’, but to offer in respect of the ‘free will of all’ in simply stating “I have come across some information which I feel is useful for me, and which you may or may not be interested in. The author has advised I can share up to 5 copies freely with trusted folk, but has also asked remuneration be given for those who are happy to purchase” or more simply “Here’s the link.” Sharing limit does not apply to free guides.
  3. You are, of course, 100% welcome to share the link to these guides on social media! Any reader who supports this work online, and brings readership in recommending family, friends, and colleagues, please email me and I’ll email you a free guide of your choice.


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It is asked all contact is respectful in nature. Keep in mind for any reader who is dissatisfied with the guides, I ask they not contribute negative feedback or complaints, but rather ask for a refund. “Please give my money back” with the bank details is all the information I need. The money back guarantee is essentially my way of indemnifying myself of responsibility as guaranteeing these guides could help anyone is as naïve as thinking I could understand every person’s unique needs!

If you have any issues at all as a reader, please do ask for a full refund.

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