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Know yourself. Be yourself. Heal yourself!

Jess offers holistic ‘Intuitive guidance support’ a service which works to empower individuals to become the activators of their own holistic wellbeing, including mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, and practical. Jess believes for healing work to work, the individual must feel they can engage freely with such work without pressure and expectation, and from their own genuine want to work on self-empowerment. In all her work, Jess seeks to recognise, engage with and empower the individual, tailoring all guidance specifically to each individual’s unique needs, and believes what we do for ourselves, and what we believe, has far more weight and power (even if we’re not aware of this) on our wellbeing than the external, therefore working on self-empowerment may bring the greatest benefits. As a culmination of this work, Jess has written 14 Holistic Wellbeing guides which together comprise A non-judgemental manual for self-empowerment which people can engage with if they wish.

Free guides here!

Healing the runaway helper guide complete

Practical relaxation Holistic Wellbeing guide

*Please peruse the Essential notes before reading guides Wellbeing guides Essential notes


“My work can be highly stressful, in my sessions with Jess, she has helped me develop strategies to shift my focus, with practical ways to integrate relaxation. I have found renewed energy and great benefit from her guidance. She has motivated me with my writing as well as a creative coach. I highly recommend her.” Arda, Interpreter.

Please note all guides come with an optional free Intuitive guidance session (via email only) to the value of a Basic reading (usually $35) Purchase of 3 guides (excluding free guides) come with an optional Standard reading (Usually $75) See instructions at the Essential notes link, or on this page.

You may want to ‘gift’ someone a session, please only do so with same intention as this work is offered: free of judgment, expectation, or pressure. ‘Holistic guidance counseling’ and ‘Self-empowerment support’ is available for those who want to delve deeper into personal healing. See notes below for more info on these services.

The term ‘Wellbeing’ for many may bring up images of people doing yoga, drinking herbal teas, and generally maintaining a calm and neutral state throughout the day. Sure, all these can be achieved if one desires and is able to, but there are many other practical aspects to maintaining our wellbeing which may be easy to overlook, and could be demonstrated in the negative, creating unwellness, such as suppressing our truth, acquiescing to others’ selfishness, putting our own needs last, and the hardest one for many to experience, feeling powerless to change the situation at all. It may sound silly and unrealistic for those new to these concepts, but these guides encourage self-empowerment which can occur from even the slightest shift in attitude, awareness and perception, the idea being genuine wellbeing encompasses all aspects of oneself. It is supportive of self-analysis as no one can understand us as well as we can understand ourselves, if we give ourselves the chance.

There are thousands of books in the world with pretty clear instructions on how to improve one’s health, but I honestly feel all this ‘good work’ (eating well, exercise, vitamins, health practices), is not the thing people have trouble with achieving in the practical sense, but instead it is all the deeper truths: unhealthy relationships, unmet needs and desires, stress, pain, anxiety, emotional reactions, self-doubt, guilt, and a general feeling of disempowerment, which prevents one from actually implementing the ‘good health practices’ consistently. So when I use the term Wellbeing I literally mean it as just that: A well being. One can eat well, exercise, and do yoga, but if one is not aware of any unhealed states and self-damaging beliefs rumbling within, one is only well in what they do, but probably don’t feel great about who they are. An holistically well person may feel great self-acceptance, and contentment, also being open to any and all changes needed to maintain wellness, actively seeking out all unhealed aspects of self so the entire self can experience healing. But anyone who needs to heal even one aspect of themselves, doesn’t usually jump straight into the ‘I am healed’ stage. In the darkness and hidden despair that stress, low self-worth, and loneliness can bring, one may not be able to see that healing is available at all. In my experience, that first crack of light comes into the darkness when one opens, even ever so slightly, to the possibility that healing can occur.

We are often persuaded in mainstream society to focus on our health and wellbeing, and yet, many of the societal structures and norms themselves are stress-inducing. Anything from balancing need for income and achieving healthy relationships; working and being a single parent; or experiencing unhealed issues from addictions, or from experiences long ago which may beset a person in the present; all can bring people to acute and chronic states of unhappiness and stress. It is simple to say: do more yoga. But it may not be that easy, especially for busy people!

I believe our happiness is ultimately measured in how we feel about ourselves.

When we suppress valuable parts of ourselves, which stay unheard and unhealed, it may affect our ability to be well in other areas. Even harbouring resentments whilst still helping the very people one resents, creates disharmony and imbalance within oneself.

All the guides are practical, as opposed to ideal in nature, and do not shy away from the difficult emotions and frustrations that yes, even privileged folk, may experience.

These guides are by no means definitive, but the hope is they are a step in the right direction for those they do help. 

I ask all readers to please review the Essential notes to All guides before reading any guide. Also see General Advice

Wellbeing guides

Self-truth for healing                     

Practical relaxation                       

Healing conditioning                 

Healing interactions                      

Handling confrontation             

Being Neutral                                 

Healing addictions                     

Healing the runaway helper        

Healthy assertiveness                

Empowering the empath             

Healing relationships                

Personal healing                           

Personal alchemy                        

Universal healing                    

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Along with enquiries for Intuitive guidance, and to purchase Wellbeing guides, you are welcome to write to jess@uniqueugifts.com for the following reasons

-to enquire about any offers on this website

-to request fee waivers

-to share something you feel compelled to share relating to how one or more of the guides may have helped

-to ask a genuine question about any of the guides

It is asked all contact is respectful in nature. 

Free Intuitive guidance session (optional)

For purchase of any guides (including free guides), a free Intuitive guidance session via email only is on offer. Please note: this is not a counselling service and the author/intuitive guide Jess Mansfield is relinquished of any responsibility for any actions taken or not taken by the client relating to any advice relayed from these sessions. Jess Mansfield does not dispense any advice meant to act in replacement of professional health advice, counseling or medical treatment. All information is treated as confidential.

Intuitive guidance is not meant to replace in any way, the answers one needs to find for oneself. The guidance is designed to support one in their own quest for greater personal fulfilment, and reflect the awareness one may have forgotten they have access to, in recognising one’s own unique truth in any situation.

Instructions for Intuitive guidance consult

Non-urgent enquiries only.

The general advice in regards to self-care, is usually as follows: if one requires medical help, one sees a doctor; if one requires psychological support, one sees a counselor; if one requires healing support, one sees an energy healer; and so on.

The intuitive guidance offered could be best described as holistic support of a practical nature. All this work is designed to facilitate and support self-empowerment. If one is seeking guidance it is ideal one is concurrently open to the possibility of a solution or shifting perspectives. I also cannot guarantee what advice could be offered.

You may want to read more info and testimonial at the link https://uniqueugifts.com/general-advice/

  1. Email jess@uniqueugifts.com 1-2 sentences highlighting specific issues which you want clarity on. Examples could be a decision which has been nagging at you; a health practice you’re struggling to implement; an unresolved issue in a relationship, and also, any questions relating to anything as set out in these guides
  2. All my work is Guidance only. As the disclaimer states, I cannot guarantee or be responsible for any outcomes, or any actions taken or not taken in regards to any advice given. I do ask all emails be written with respect and awareness as to how information is shared. It is also asked that the enquiries are genuine, i.e., it is something which you are open to considering new information on
  3. For those who may find it hard to voice what they want clearly, are welcome to try this formula, or even copy and paste these questions into the email with short, succinct answers

What is the current energy/theme/idea/problem which you really wish you could change or resolve?

Is one thing in particular, a specific habit, pattern, person or situation, causing upsetting reactions, and how long has it been this way?

Is there something you really want, desire, and have worked hard to achieve, but it’s still eluding you and you don’t know why?

All guidance is infused with the principles of non-judgement, therefore things one may perceive as a silly thing to ask, or haven’t asked for guidance on before, are welcomed. Because as a practitioner to enact non-judgement I myself must be neutral, it really doesn’t matter one way or the other what information is shared or what is asked. I can only ask, as I ask anyone, to communicate in ways which support mutual respect, and again, for those who need to, seek professional counselling.

Please note: As a qualified Reiki Master and Teacher (BTeach), I am required in my own ethics to treat all information shared as confidential, but as teacher I am bound by professional ethics and it is advised again, serious issues and crises which require professional support are not to be shared and cannot be addressed using this service.

As a qualified Reiki Master (Usui system) and teacher with 20+ years experience, Jess has worked with many people and she seeks always to empower the person, student, or client. As a teacher, Jess believes self-learning, and learning from one’s own experiences, brings the greatest benefit and accelerates self-development, much more than relying on an ‘outside source’ for the answers! Therefore, in all this supportive guidance works, Jess’s focus is primarily on finding ways the client resonates with to continue their own self-work, and to feel empowered and supported whilst doing so! This service can address deeper issues relating to healing, although discussion before commencement of sessions is essential to make sure both facilitator and client are ‘on the same page’ regarding how this service is specifically engaged.

It is essential to note, Jess is not a qualified, professionally accredited counselor, and therefore advises all who use this service to please adhere to their current physical and mental health practices, and to always seek professional medical advice for serious health and mental health conditions. But outside of professional support, there is much the individual can do to enhance their own wellbeing; this is where these services come in.

The particular issues and strategies to address issues are discussed within the initial free assessment stage. Before commencement of session, All clients must sign a disclaimer relinquishing Jess Mansfield, as the facilitator, of any responsibility in perpetuity as to how clients choose to employ any guidance offered. Guidance can be offered via email and phone support, in some situations, in person sessions combined with Reiki healing may be possible.

If interested in engaging with this service, please email jess@uniqueugifts.com

Thank you!!

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