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General advice (via email only)
General advice on any subject pertaining to spiritual growth, holistic development, and general well-being. Please note: this is not a counselling service. This service provides general advice in a neutral and non-judgemental format. For serious issues please seek professional advice.

About this service
Jess is highly intuitive, and in her work as a Reiki Master, teacher, and creative coach she has helped many people achieve their goals, by focusing on the person, and offering insight as to what may work best for their development. If you are feeling stuck in a particular area, even if not a creative issue, but an emotional or practical issue, Jess uses her training as a Reiki Master and teacher to offer general guidance and well-being support. Feedback could include recommendations to various relaxation and healing practices to gain clarity, or simple self-practice to achieve a particular goal, in a neutral, non-judgmental format. If clients feel they have not gained anything from this service, except for the extended consults, are welcome to ask for a full refund. A disclaimer is attached with every email relinquishing the author of this service, Jessica Hieser, of any responsibility for the personal choices made by the client, if any information offered is or is not acted upon.

All initial enquiries to ask more about this service are free.

Jessica Hieser has the right to provide this service, or not, at her own discretion. If there is no reply to your enquiry, then Jessica has been unable to attend to the request and no additional correspondence can be entered into. Of course a reason is provided where appropriate but is not guaranteed.

Initial enquiry about any aspect of this service is free
-$35 for 1-2 sentence queries (via email) *special offer $25 for 1st reading
-$75 for extended feedback (via email) *special offer $60 for 1st reading
-$125 for an in depth intuitive reading, which could include card readings, intuitive guidance, and practical advice based on your specific or general enquiry (via email only) *Special offer $100 for 1st reading

Testimonial                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          “I was on my way to an appointment when I ‘randomly’ ran into Jess when I was in the midst of a challenging time, I had just lost my job and was feeling at my absolute lowest. Using Intuitive guidance Jess transformed my thinking about the job situation and I walked away with a changed perspective! Jessica was able to tap into my own intuition, encouraged me to listen to my inner voice and enabled me to think clearly and see the purpose of what was going on. I changed my thinking completely and started realizing I was unhappy at the job I was previously at anyway. Using this new positive energy I put my time and effort into getting the job I really wanted. I highly recommend Jess for listening and empowering me, enabling my own clarity and helping me release new energy in moving forward. Thank you Jess!” Madeleine, Teacher

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