Please request all services via the Contact form. For concessions, and more info, see About rates 

All services via email or Skype. Sessions may run over time at the discretion of teacher, at no additional cost.

Music lessons $90ph
Exam preparation, Audition preparation, Performance coaching $120ph
Artist development (music and acting) $110ph
Acting coaching $100ph
Career trajectory advice (music and acting) $85                                                                                                     A general review of materials and goals, 1 session only. 2 sessions may apply if materials are extensive.                                                                Specific materials review (songs, photo’s, showreel, etc) $85 for 1st session, $70 for follow up sessions if needed. Recommendations are made at the discretion of Jess Hieser. 

Create your own Unique Gifts

Poetry lessons $50 per 30 minute sessions *special offer half price 1st session

Meaningful messages $50 per 30 minute sessions
Songwriting $150ph *special offer half price 1st lesson
Composition $250ph *special offer 1/3 price 1st lesson

**You need a piano or guitar for songwriting **You need instruments for composing                                                                                   Lessons are designed to accelerate your learning, so that in 1 session you have enough information to create at a basic level.

**All Unique Gifts that you create using this service comes with free consultation, direction and advice, until you are happy with the product, or with a limit of 5 edits per piece. Additional edits are at the discretion of the author of this site.

Purchase Unique Gifts                                                    

-less than 50 words $50
-50-100 words $75
-100+ words $100+

Written messages
-less than 50 words $35
-50-100 words $70
-100+ words $120

Instruments available: flute, clarinet, saxophone, piano, strings (synthesised), vocals, all instruments can be considered
-less than 1 minute $250
-1-2 minutes $300
-2-3 minutes $400
-3-4 minutes $550
-5+ minutes $1000+
Add $25 per instruments if more than 3+ instruments
Add $50 per instrument if more than 5+ instruments
1 instrument only 30% off full rate
2 instruments only 20% off full rate

Original songs
Instruments available: guitar and voice, piano and voice, guitar and woodwind, piano and woodwinds
Solo or combination
-less than a minute $150
-1-2 minutes $250
-2-3 minutes $400
-3-4 minutes $500
-5+ minutes $700+

Add $25 per instruments if more than 3+ instruments
1 instrument only 25% off full rate
2 instruments only 10% off full rate

Classical recreations for gifts or film
Add $100 to fees for Compositions

Contemporary cover songs for gifts or film
Add $100 to fees for Original songs

Review of scripts, editing, writing for film
Quote given based on volume of work
Estimate of fees – this is a guide only

Script review
Short films $50 Series $150 per episode Feature $350

Script editing

Short films $200 Series $400 per episode Feature $750 *Editing includes Review

Script creation
Short films $300 Series $700 per episode Feature $4000+
Jessica Hieser retains copyright and ownership of all written material, and must be credited, but you retain credit and ownership of concept and would retain copyright of the produced film.

General advice
-Initial enquiry about any aspect of this service is free
-$25 for quick 1-2 sentence queries (via email)
-$60 for extended feedback (via email) *special offer $50 1st reading
-$100 for an in depth intuitive reading, which could include card readings, intuitive guidance, and practical advice based on your specific or general enquiry (via email only) *Special offer $75 1st reading

Please note that all rates are to some extent negotiable depending on your specific circumstance. Please email all requests for additional discounts via the contact form.

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